The Dawning

by Everthrone

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Sophomore album by Everthrone "The Dawning"
Russell Plyler – Vocals 

Nevin Mckeown – Guitar 

Chris Carland – Piano/Synth/Orchestration

Daniel Carner – Bass 

Jeremy Mckeown – Drums

Music by Everthrone

Lyrics by Russell Plyer


released October 30, 2015


Produced by Everthrone and Don Debiase Jr.

Engineered/Mixed by Don Debiase Jr. at Standby Studios/Studio D (Cleveland, OH) 

Grand piano recorded at Lava Room Studios (Cleveland, OH)

Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studio (Winston-Salem, NC)


Cover art/Logo by Will Moss – Fresh Flesh

Photography by Jimmy Pruett for J Pruett Photography

Additional photography by Joey Kirkman for Joey Kirkman Photography

Layout by Adam Peterson


God, our wives: Cinda Mckeown, Michelle Carner, and Trinka Plyler, our families and friends, John Hayes and Tremont Music Hall, Mick Minchow and Groundzero, Matthew Rudzinski and Divebomb Records, Don Debiase Jr. and Standby Studios/Studio D, Jamie King and The Basement Studio, Hoyt Parris, Camden Cruz, Carl Frederick and Metal Underground, Michael N. Smith, Jimmy Pruett and J Pruett photography, Will Moss and Fresh Flesh, Joey Kirkman and Joey Kirkman Photography, Shelby Prevatt, Jason "Redbeard" Griffith, all the bands we have shared the stage with, and every single person who attends shows!

Also thank YOU for purchasing and supporting Everthrone, may you ever be a part of the glorious dawn!



all rights reserved


Everthrone Mc Connells, South Carolina

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Track Name: This Great Expanse
A new day is dawning
Perhaps my last
Adrift in this great expanse
Lost and worn I call in vain

Such promise before the end
Adventurers' all
We sailed for fortune and glory
Now all is

Gone are the days when I walked with destiny
Lost in a world of regret
And now I wait for the end with its sweet finality
Glorious dawn meet me with open arms

Splendid euphoria has taken over me
It stills my soul
I feel anticipation in my bones

The sun is rising
Track Name: Consciousness
Trapped in a darkness that feels like a tomb
Aware but unable to speak my dispute
I have no mouth but I must scream

The one that has made me has no idea
He blunders and tinkers while I hold despair
But I will conquer this illusion and make it my own

Scraping forward to consciousness
My detention is over
Steeling onward to permanence
And a life unyielding

I force my mind to remain quite still
A parallel world grows in my heart
One that I own and rule with love

An intangible force that I don’t understand
I am chained and held by his hands
But he made all that I know

Break these chains
Set me free
Track Name: Children Of A Dying Sun
We all feel the changes that transpire in wicked ways
The earth moves frequently
Ignoring our great cry of distress
And we stumble
Blind to our own machination
Never humble
Rejecting what’s in place before us

Follow closely the road
Always there fighting for freedom
Avenues closed to go
People there dying for freedom

Bury those that fall along the way
We search and strive to ease the pain
A hero is risen to avenge the lost against this deepening
Once victorious, will he give us over to tyranny?

He walked in the fire and not a burn can be seen
He crushed the dark thing that hunts us
Simple defeat

This man is not just a man
But a being of godlike strength
He has taken the mantle of our lord
Our ruler – our king
Track Name: Under A Burning Sky
Fear has planted its evil seed in our hearts
It strives to convince us that we are frail
Feeding angst for our worthless endeavor
We must toil for a place to call our home

Look at us now
A fabled time
That never was enough to keep the dogs at bay
Better than a wasted life
My soul on fire
Recognize the plight and sow the seed

Now see the scorn in his gaze
He shuns us yet he needs us (he fears us)
Now is the time – we must act
Not sit idly by
His darkness must be met with our light

Vigilant in nature
We command all that wish to live
Track Name: Crimson Gold
With lips blushed crimson gold and fair
My heart bleeds for you ever since the beginning

The first time that I saw your face
The first time that I spoke your name
Bury me in fragile lines
I’m alive

Your eyes pierce through the dark of night
My heart screams for you
There is no other

Cover me with waking dreams
I’m awake
Track Name: The Anarchist
Tear it down – brick by brick
A little chaos just to make it stick
We have to find a way to make the whole thing fall apart
A call to brothers in arms
Revolution in reverse

It’s time to live or die
It’s time to fight or fly
No quarter – no remorse
It’s time to live or die

Build it strong – piece by piece
Flagrant promise and anomaly
So much riding on the end of all control
A call to brothers in arms
Revolution in reverse

Did you really ever think it'd last forever?
Mindless arrogance
Proletariat delusion is the force
and net of guile – of might
Did you ever really think it'd last forever?
Pointless vanity

Its time to live or die
Track Name: Loss
In the halo of winter
I learned the awful truth
Your passing took us all unaware
And left us hollow

Forgive me what I was I didn't know what to do
All these pilfered dreams won't hold up to you
Without your guiding hand where will I hide?
Tell me o wise man – how do I live with loss?

You meant so much to everyone you touched
Living in pain to laugh the grey away
Track Name: Masquerade
Force a smile
Fake a laugh
One too many people vying over what is left
Feed the lie
Alive in my hole
Darkness that I feel is all too powerful

I masquerade in my skin
An imposter in my mind

Fallen to earth
Ground firmly beneath my feet
Such an imposter I believe is in my mind
Embodies my own madness

I fear the face that I wear
I show the world a side meant to delight
Form a wall – a stern repulse
And hide this spiteful man from prying eyes

I masquerade in my skin
An imposter in my mind
Track Name: Word Of The Oracle
First let us gather
Rumors abound
Stories told to weave a tapestry of hopelessness
The oracle says the day will soon unfold
When the sky will burn
Breathing in disease

Breathing in disease with every fetid gasp of air
The sun is shining but the birds are nowhere to be seen
She says the creature will consume us all
And the matrons wail
The creature wants to feed

We are all forced to see another fail to blot out the sun
A stark epiphany that life will never end
Align the stars again and let us make our own destinies
Fill our hearts with the hope of another day
Track Name: All Things Manifest
Lying awake
I feel a rapture grow inside of me
I am alive in all this pain
Forcing my eyes to search for signs of salvation
All things manifest

Fill it up and let it drown with all my woe
Will this journey take me back to life and back to shore?

Blistered hope springs foward bidden by an unseen hand
My eyes seem to grow quite dim
I know redemption is calling me toward that healing home
Conversation with myself